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When we talk about pollution, we generally refer to the quality of air outside the home. It usually connotes dust laden air, garbage, smoke from chimneys and the like. What many of us are not aware of is that our indoor air quality can be just as polluted, if not more. Statistics say that most often indoor air is several times more contaminated than the air outside. If you are concerned about the health of your loved ones, and want to ensure clean indoor air quality, call Boynton Beach AC Expert on 561-303-0919 to evaluate the quality of air inside your home/office. With twenty years of experience in ensuring cool and safe indoor ambiences in properties across Boynton Beach, FL area, we are best suited to deliver quality indoor air enhancement solutions.

Why is theindoor air dirty?

When you install a HVAC system, you might think that clean air is assured, but on the contrary, it can be the very reason for indoor pollution. While pet dander, soot smoke, dust and cigarette smoke can be the real reasons for contamination of indoor air, it is mold, fungus and bacteria that are majorly responsible for pollution inside the property. While the air filters that are present in our cooling system work to prevent a large portion of the dirt, dust and mold spores from getting inside the property, they settle on the vents and air ducts. These places then become the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and mold. When the air conditioner is switched on, it immediately causes the microorganisms to spread all across the property.

The simple solution: Regular AC cleaning:

Often what appears clean might not be so! If you have an AC in your property, it is crucial to ensure a thorough cleanup of your unit so that polluted air does not circulate in your property. For flawless AC cleaning, choose Boynton Beach AC Expert. With extensive experience in indoor air quality, we know all that it takes to keep your indoor ambience pristine and fresh. We service both residential and commercial ACs and ensure clean air indoors.

When you call us, we will:

Step 1: Cover the furniture and furnishings before we begin

Step 2: Get rid of covers and gain access to openings

Step 3: Clean any dust buildup

Step 4: Vacuum clean and use HEPA system to eliminate bacteria

Step 5: Do an exhaustive cleanup, use special cleansers and re-install the registers and covers

Step 6: Use a biocide to get rid of harmful elements

Step 7: Inspect the indoor air quality to measure the improvement

Our other measures:

Hiring an expert air conditioner service company in Boynton Beach, FL to clean up your HVAC system can significantly impact the quality of your indoor air. However, you cannot hope to achieve a pollution-free zone by doing just that. If you are looking for the very best solution, it is helpful to install specialized products that can help enhance the indoor air quality. While there are several products available in the market for the purpose, it can be quite confusing to decide what to pick! This is where our experts can help you. We have vast expertise in choosing the best products to help enhance indoor air quality, and can guide you about the right ones for your property.

Some of our recommendations include:

  • Install air cleaners
  • Use humidifiers/dehumidifiers to maintain humidity levels
  • Use ventilators for proper ventilation
  • Install UV lamps to eliminate microorganisms
  • Use full-home air purifiers

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